All about the richness of urban music

When something becomes an integral part of our system we tend to ignore it. The same is happening with music. For example, while hearing a soothing song we often tend to ignore everything that went into making the song, from recording to production and marketing, all that was responsible for creating the moment for us, we take them for granted. Music like all other resources is not infinite, it needs to be cultivated. If we do not practice music it disappears. This is where we come to the picture, we cultivate urban music.

Urban music impacts city life

Music can support, improve and sustain communities all over the world. Music is a bending of planning, resilience, intentionality and resource management. All these go into the process called urban music. Music is being considered as one of the parameters of evaluating the quality of life in an emerging city. Music is present everywhere. This art form can be utilized for various urban processes. From fitness to education. If music can be cultivated properly then it can overcome many urban challenges. Music has an innumerable impact on city life.

A brief about its history

The term urban music owes its origin to radio DJ Frankie Crocker in the mid-1970s. Urban was a term used across the music industry which encompassed R&B, soul and now grime, hip hop. All these music has been lumped together into one single category. Every human culture comprises music. Every individual has various preferences in music. Many seek music for their listening. Americans spend an enormous amount on music than that of prescription drugs. Music can be used for enhancing concentration and cognitive functions. Urban music is also known as urban contemporary. Urban music was very smooth and polished. Urban also encompasses uptempo, funky dance tracks that boast the same radio-ready music having a trait of controlled as well as soulful vocals.

Evolution of Urban music

Until the 80s urban music was pop-oriented. Its landscape began to shift with the origin of hip hop. During the early 90s urban and hip hop ruled, they were blended to form the hip hop soul. The beats of this hip hop soul were more elastic, funkier and unpredictable. Although hip hop soul was produced slickly, it constituted a gritter and more soulful feel. Due to the elaborate vocal techniques, the songs were becoming showpieces. Urban was dominating the pop singles charts owing to the steep decline of mainstream pop or rock music.

Importance of urban music

For the past several decades hip hop culture and rap have been associated with several negative comments but if we look at the core of hip hop culture, we can see it is built on values of peace, respect, social worth, community, and fun. These values are the reason why urban music is being used as a therapeutic tool for young minds. Many schools have integrated hip hop into their system for promoting mental health awareness. Although born in New York this culture is a worldwide phenomenon now. We are dedicated to preserving this culture. All countries in the world have a hip hop culture. This is a style most of the young minds feel comfortable with, it is through this culture a rapport is built between therapist and client. Urban music is a way of building learning, self-reflection, and growth. Urban music is also said to provide a sense of security especially during songwriting or lyrical improvisation. Urban music can also provide a strong sense of self and community empowerment. It has a vast impact on individual mental health, in areas like emotions, identity, coping and personal growth, urban music therapy can make a big difference.

Latest urban music

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