Top Trends In The Media And Entertainment Industry Should Notice Of!

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When comparing to the past decade, the entertainment and media sector has changed a lot because of technological advancement. Most importantly, the internet has done many things for these industries growth. Even though companies of these sectors have enjoyed many benefits, fruitfully consumers have obtained significant advantages because it changed the way they consume, engage, and communicate. Are you very much interested in knowing the trends in these sectors? Let’s take a glance at the below section.

  • OTT competition is increasing globally

Most of the media companies are set to launch their new OTT services in late 2019 and early 2020. It includes Comcase, Disney and AT&T. We expect them to invest hugely in expanding their service because they compete with giant OTT services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. The competition to grab this platform is terrific, and many new companies get into the battle with outstanding offerings. On the other hand, the government put a restriction on the content and slowed original programming as well as revenues for the significant OTT providers.

  • Strong growth of digital video advertising

In the past day, the advertising industry is highly attached to television advertising. However, it is now getting replaced with digital video advertising. It is outsetting the weakness in the conventional linear television. Most of the media companies are now investing in this digital advertising to scale rapid growth and revenue.

  • Investment in content increases a lot

As the media companies tend to engage with the digital platform all the aspects, the content investment is started to reach the new height. By finding the subscriber’s needs and demands, company offers personalized content to make them use their service or product. They take enough time to build the best and engaging content to attract the global audience. 

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