Understand The Major Uses Of Augmented Reality In The Entertainment Industry

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Augmented reality (AR) is one of the quickly growing and transforming industries across the huge board. It includes right from healthcare to retail and entertainment because it brings exciting and new opportunities for the brand engagements. The entertainment industry, including museums, theatres, and film especially suited to the advantages of AR regardless of the goal is to enhance brand recognition or sell more movie tickets. There are many ways AR can be accessed in the entertainment industry as part of the advertising efforts and marketing. This shows us AR will be the future of entertainment. Here are the uses of AR in the entertainment sector. 

  • Transport users to the new world

Portals are the most immersive kinds of AR because they transport users to the location via their phone screen. When you are promoting the production, which takes place in a specific location, you can be able to recreate this via AR and then encourage users to search it. The portal lets users take pictures and then share them on social media. It has many creative uses in the world of the entertainment sector.

  • Image tracker

The exciting use of the augmented reality is that it lets users scan the specific page from the magazines, books, or advertisement posters to augment the image and then utilize the additional information. The best example for this type is the Snapchat lens, which created to promote the specific show. 

  • Face filters

Face filters still remain the effective and popular forms of AR because they are easy to share on social media and fun as well. To use them, turn on Instagram and see the proliferation of the face filters from big giants. The vital entertainment platforms are now turning to AR for good reasons.

  • Online gambling

No entertainment sector is completed with the gaming opportunity. There are millions of games accessible in the ground under different categories. Among them, gambling always stands at the top position because it helps the gamblers to place the bet and enjoy the real-time gambling experience right from their home. AR and VR are transforming the entire gambling industry and rendering the best gambling experience. Play the slot online to understand these transformations in the newly launched casino site.

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